Who We Are?


US Electronics Recycling Center Inc, was formed long time ago by a group of Technicians who graduated from Portland Oregon with degrees in high electronics specialized in Microelectronics and Solar Voltaic. Most of us have been in the field of electronics since 2009. As a result we discovered that the best way to help the community is by creating an advance method of recycling and handling E-wasteproducts. Wewant to continue keeping the natural environment safe for a better future. In addition to recycling, we also indulged in mass electronics maintenance since we have realized that out of the abundance we collect from companies and schools, there are a good number of them which have never been used, and some still work perfectly. As a result, we select and maintain what can be reused to help the communities. That is why we work very close with non-profit organizationd like International Foundation for Educational and health. Most of your good and working electronics benefit from tax exemption. If you donate your electronics to us, you are not only helping to keep our environment safe, but you are also helping to promote education, high standard of living, and creating jobs within our local communities.

We have good educators, technicians, and an excellent customer service. We are always on time when you call or book online for pickups. We have been told that our services are so far the best compared to other recycling companies around Texas. We promise that we will never stop improvingas gar customer service, DATA security and other related fields that involve electronics recycling as our community is concern


Our mission is to promote education and provide assistance to our growing population by establishing a center where everyone can come, type and print their documents for free. Our goal is to establish a free community computer center before the end of 2021. We have also partner with International foundation for education and health where all our good electronics that can be reused go and they use them to help needy families world-wide.

Based on the realization that the few libraries within our community cannot meet up with the community’s day-to-day computer needs, US ELECTRONICS RECYCLING CENTER wants to open a research center to promote education in Texas. This great initiative is a noble project that will only materialize if you can help by DONATING your used electronics from schools, homes, companies and businesses for recycling and refurbishing for reuse.